Ways to Pair Friendship Bracelets With Your BFF
Posted by LuullaAdmin Saturday 7 Jul 2018
What will you do without great friends in life? She's your Christina to your Meredith. Blair to your Serena. Rachel to your Monica. Robin to your Batman. Mario to your Luigi and instead of a twosome thing going on, it can even be in groups if you're lucky enough. Like, Harry, Ron and Hermione! Friendship comes in all forms and the list goes on. Everyone needs a friend or two to go through whatever life throws at you. They're like your unbiological family. As long as you have love for that person, he or she is regarded as fam. Now that's #friendshipgoals.

Every year the world celebrates National Friendship Day on 30th July. It may sound just like another marketing gimmick like Valentine's Day but that gives us more reason to go shopping because...Oh look! More DISCOUNTS. Time for gift shopping! Whether it is a classic handmade braided bracelet you on a lazy afternoon at summer camp, a souvenir from your travels or one that you've got online, show love and appreciation to your soul sisters by presenting them a thoughtful friendship momento.

The Meaning of Friendship Bracelets

The history of friendship are unbeknownst to many but it is believed to have been spotted since ancient Central America. In other parts of the world, it is traced all the way to China circa 481-221. The trend of these matching friendship bracelets made a major comeback and they were a popular hit in the 1970's era. It flooded the street of United States and slowly making it to cities around the world. Traditionally, these stringy braided bracelets are tied around each others wrist while they make a wish. The bracelets should be worn until they fall off naturally and at that point, it would mean the wish is granted.

These are the classic braided friendship bracelets. You can DIY by watching tutorials and you'd find other unique braiding styles but if you aren't feeling crafty, you can just get a simple one now. It's the thought that counts!

$4.99 USD

That's the traditional rule of thumb and probably a thing of the past. Friendship bracelets have evolved and now, practically any kind of bracelet you give to your BFF is a friendship bracelet.

Are you too grown up to wear friendship bracelets? I don't think so. They are timeless accessories. In fact, it just means you're not some lonely adult with no friends.The more the better! These charming bracelets will be a great addition to your jewellery collection. Some people are so commited to the friendship, they would bring friendship bracelets to some crazy next level; getting matching tattoo.

Check out Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin's matching broken heart tattoo.

Anyway, if tattoos are too much commitment for you and you're someone who likes a variety everday, stick to friendship bracelets. They are so many incredible ways to style them with your BFF. The pair of bracelets can be the same because you know, twinning, same but different or totally different ( Opposites attract, they say! I think that is SO true). Here are some awesome ideas on how to go matchy-matchy with your BFF or whatever the style is that truly says about the friendship.

How to pair friendship bracelets


What does it say: Because the two of you are two peas in a pod. Your identical other half who shares the same interest, passion and hate the same things and people. You know each other so well because the two of you think alike. You can read each other so easily even just from the raise of their eyebrows. You complete each other's sentences. It's like being able to convey a telepathic message. Not surprise if the both of you are sisters in the past life. Maybe you both are? I don't know! Haven't you watched the Parent Trap? How amazing it is to have found someone who moves at the same wave length as you.

These identical bracelets come in a pair. How convenient! Give the classic friendship bracelet a modern twist by adding an infinity charm to it. The bracelet does look a little more classier than the average friendship bracelet.
$7.99 USD

Same same but different

What does it say: We have similar thoughts but just enough difference. The ideas and features are nearly the same but there is something about her that shocks you and still have enough common ground to be involved. The differences with a little personal preference doesn't get in the way of the friendship because the two of you are in a way, inseparable. Linked together by similarities but separated by slight differences. Having a little bit of conflict is good in any form of relationship because it gives space to learn about each other. Sometimes, there's more to her than meets the eye. In a good way of course!

Find a bracelet that has a strong similar foundation with just enough difference. This is good practice if you and your BFFs decide on the mismatched trend of bridesmaid dresses when the day comes.The concept is pretty much the same.

Same style but different stones or colours.

Take this bracelet featuring a piercing arrow for an example.This bracelet is perfect to be gifted to anyone who you'd take an arrow to the heart for. Stunning and dainty, these bracelets are available in 3 gorgeous tones; gold silver and pink. Select 2 of the different colours. If you're the 3 amigos, just get one of each.

$14.50 USD

Opposites attract

What does it say: The friendship is like a magnet. Polar opposites attract. The both of you are different in ever way and sometimes the both of you do wonder how did you guys become close friends. Nevertheless, you learn to appreciate the cataclysmic differences (although sometimes she can be SO annoying but you still love her to bits) because where's the fun if everything is the same? It's like a love-hate kind of friendship. Plus, she's the other half of you who complements you on traits, talent or personality that you're lacking of. When the two of you come together and go against the world, you and your partner in crime are unstoppable.

Pick two bracelets of different designs. In this case, I like this pair.

First, get this infinity bracelet.
$3.99 USD

For the other bracelet, get this bracelet with love letters in cursive.

$3.99 USD

Each bracelet is stunning on its own but when they come together as a pair (Infinity + Love), nothing is more powerful than 'Infinity Love'. Cool, huh?

There are many bracelets and other jewelry that expresses feelings. Every friendship bracelets has its own unique story and hidden meaning.

Friendship Bracelet Inspiration

Here are some other friendship-inspired pieces that says a lot about the unbreakable bond:

If you think the infinity charm and hand braided styles are cliche, here's one that's a little more subtle for your soul sister. No one will know the meaning unless they know the morse code at their fingertips.

$15.00 USD

Whether it is a new chapter in life after graduation or separated by distance, these obstacles would not affect the friendship. In this age where communication if short and brief, take time to express with this friendship bracelet featuring an infinity circle comes with a message card that just took the words out of your mouth.

$18.99 USD

If you have best friends in a group, my personal preference to pair would either be twinning or going with a theme. They happen to be perfect bridesmaid gifts too.

This set of 4 gold plated infinity bracelets have a personal touch to it thanks to the initial charm engraved. Personalized and full of sentiment, this one is a pretty good choice.

$106.00 USD

For an effortlessly coherent but different kind of friendship bracelet, this beach theme bracelet is consistent in a way while allowing each individuality to shine.

$144.00 USD

Friendship bracelets are more than just a fashion statement, they are a symbol of long lasting companionship. That's why she's your BFF! It's nearly like a wedding vow where you're both best friends till death do you both apart. Besides, it's probably common that you and your BFF are labelled to look a little more lesbian to public. If that doesn't happen, maybe you guys are really bffs after all. Jokingggg.

For more gifts to celebrate good vibes and togetherness, check out this curated friendship gift collection that's handpicked for you. Finding the perfect gift for him or her couldn't get any easier than this. You'd thank me later. Three cheers for friends for life!