6 Signs You Should Dump Him Right Now
Posted by LuullaAdmin Friday 5 May 2017
You're losing sleep over all those unanswered texts. You're walking on eggshells when you're around him. Your close friends don't like him. Physically, he may look like Channing Tatum but girl, don't be fooled. In actual fact, he's really terrible and you should never ignore these relationship red flags. According to the Dailymail survey, it is reported that 6 out of 10 couples are unhappy in their relationship while 4 out of 10 have considered to ditch the relationship. Breaking up with someone is a tough decision to make but if you encounter these 6 relationship killer signs, it's time to throw in the towel and walk away.

1. He's benching, ghosting or breadcrumbing you

Benching, ghosting, breadcrumbing and many other new dating trends that are coming up just get worse. The list goes on and on but do you realize what they all have in common? They're all immature, non-committal behaviors which shows he's just not that into you. It's simple as that. Their actions (or rather, the lack of it) say it all .Guys who resort to such tactics are simply playing games to toy with your emotions. They're just in for an ego booster. Obviously, you need to stop coming making excuses about how "busy" he is for not giving you the attention you so badly yearn for. Instead, be that smart girl you are and let it slide.

2. Romance is dead
Remember those sweet, loving gestures and flirty exchanges in the early stage of the relationship? Well, it's long gone now. Being with him feels like a chore and there are no sparks in the bedroom. The New York Post discovered a study that shows lust declines at a rapid rate of 8% per year while liking decreases at a rate of 3% per year. Despite raising your concerns to him, you still don't see any effort to rekindle that romance in the relationship.The thought of spending many years with him down the road makes you cringe. An awesome relationship is suppose to excite you, not bore you to tears. If you're not feeling it anymore, do yourself a favour and put an end to it before boredom turns to resentment.

3.The "It's-Better-Than-Nothing" thought runs in your head

Be it a toxic relationship or one that is just "OK-But-Not-Great", you constantly feel trapped and wonder where is the relationship going. However, driven by the fear of loneliness or boredom, you decided to settle for something less and be lulled into a false sense of comfort and security. Once a while, you contemplate if you could be missing out on something better out there. Why waste your time on someone who's unable to fulfill your needs and expectations? After all, you deserve someone who makes you feel whole.

4. My way or the highway!
When he says "My way or the highway" - Run for the hills! Dating a control freak is suffocating and a recipe for disaster. A dynamic relationship requires a two-way communication. You should be able to express your thoughts and opinions without being attacked. Whatever you do, do not turn yourself into a slave in the relationship. Instead, talk about it to address the problem and form a solution where the both of you can reach a fair compromise. If there's no room for communication, the chances are he's a selfish, inconsiderate prick. Pack your bags and leave, stat.

5. He criticizes everything you love
You've got the dreamiest pair of heels from Luulla and gushing over the tons of compliments from your friends who are fawning over them. However, you stopped wearing them when your significant other criticizes them and mocks your fashion sense. The person you are in a relationship with should want you to be happy even over the simplest things like a pair of heels. He should be your biggest cheerleader who is supportive of your interests, goals and dreams. Put on those heels and step out the door if all he does is weigh you down.

6. You're simply looking for reasons to put an end to the relationship

If you're looking for a reason to relate in this post, you clearly don't want to be in the relationship. Don't feel guilty. If you're not happy, that's a reason valid enough to leave. Set yourself free!