Things Only People Who Enjoy Being Single Understand!
Posted by Luulla Admin Wednesday 10 May 2017
Why are you still single? Do you really love being single? Don't you feel lonely? These are the common questions almost every single people get. Trust me they are way to lazy to answer these same old questions! To be honest the concept of single people are often lonely is normally completely untrue! In fact, many people find being single is much more fun and fulfilling than being in a relationship including me!

Keep reading and find the list of 10 things only people who enjoy being single understand.

1. When you're single, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want!

If you're single, the best part of it is there's no commitment! The only commitment you have is toward yourself and perhaps your family! You can literally eat, sleep, shop, and live your life exactly how you want. We all have our goals in life, and being single also make some of them a lot easier to achieve. As you have the ability to make yourself your sole priority. For instance, you feel like moving to other country to pursue your career, or study, being in a relationship will not be in the way to complicate that. Hence, when you're single you get to seize all the opportunities that come your way! There's nothing wrong with having a relationship with your job right now, especially if you truly enjoy it!

2. You don't have to factor someone else into your decision
In point 1, I've mentioned that when you're single, you get to do whatever you want. This includes of there's no need to factor someone else into your decision! If you're in a relationship, it is common courtesy to check in with your partner when you're making a decision regardless it is small or big. For instance, you want to travel alone but your significant partner doesn't allow or you simply want to quit a job.

3. You can enjoy plenty of "me time"!

When you're single, you don't need to spend your spare time in talking with your bae through the phone, you don't need to constantly text back so that he won't feel you're not serious with the relationship. Being single you get to spend some quality time with yourself. You can just spend your weekends on bed watching Netflix, or listening to some podcasts. If you enjoy outdoor activities, slip into your trainers and go for a jog !

4. You hardly need to go through intense arguments
Yes the relative who constantly ask you why you're still single may be annoying. But, trust me you're not actually sure when you last took part in a screaming argument. Instead, you're more likely listen to your friends and colleagues discussing the latest fights in their relationships, while feeling grateful that your life is actually fairly stress free.

5. You can probably save a lot of money

Frankly speaking, dating is expensive. Not only you get to spend on food and gifts on every ridiculously pricey romance themed holiday. You also got to splurge on some cute date outfits! And when you get into a relationship, suddenly there are holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries which necessitate gifts. Hence, staying single means there's no need of breaking your bank and actually save some money, or better yet, spend it all on yourself!

6. There's no one to impress
When you're single and there's no one to impress, and you can truly be yourself! You get to inhale an entire pizza while wearing no makeup but just your granny panties around the house, because who's gonna judge? Definitely not me! Besides, drinking straight from the bottle is totally normal and fine because no one else is there to help you finish! Sight note, even when you finally start a new relationship, always remember that you don't need to change to impress anyone.

7. You don't have to find a balance between relationship and friendship

Most of the people who are in relationship can struggle to spend the right amount of time with both of their friends and their partner. However, when you're single you can spend all the time you want with your friends. From last minute film nights a weekend trip away, you can always say YES! Perfect!

8. Sleeping at night is great because you get the whole bed to yourself
When you're single, you can have the whole bed to yourself, and when you have king sized bed, best thing in life just happened!! There's no need a single worry about someone stealing all of the blankets or taking up all of the space. You can sleep vertically, horizontally, or even like the starfish. Best addition, you won't woke up by some stupid snoring sounds! Enough said!

9. There is less emotional pressure
This is more subtle and more psychological, but it's still a powerful reason that singles like their status. There is some relief from gender roles when you're single that is harder to break free from when dating, especially for women. Being in a relationship often means some commitment to emotional labor that may never be acknowledge, which is utterly daunting.

10. You don't have to worry about settling

When you're single, you do't have to worry what if your other half have different viewpoints, different plans for the future, or simply ending up with someone who is completely wrong for you. Learning to love being alone means it will take someone truly amazing for you to change your lifestyle.


Being single doesn't mean you are lonely or can't find a mate. Flying solo is totally worthwhile and intentional lifestyle choice, too. Because in the end, the single life doesn't hold you back from being awesome. Whether you are solo or deeply committed to another person, life is what you make it.