10 Guys You Meet on Tinder
Posted by LuullaAdmin Wednesday 24 May 2017
Thanks to Tinder, love is just a swipe (or thirty) away! It is the place to look for easy hook ups while you can stay home watching rom-coms in your pajamas. If you're not familiar with this dating app, here's how to play the Tinder game. Download the app, sign in using your Facebook account and SWIPE RIGHT if you like what you are seeing. SWIPE LEFT if the guy ain't what you looking for. If the both of you mutually like each other, congratulations! It's a match. Sounds simple, right? Don't get too excited, though. The thing about Tinder is, you're bound to come across all sorts of characters. Here's an informative guide to the wild world of Tinder men.

1. The Familiar

It's someone who you actually know in real life like that guy back in high school or a colleague. You laugh at them for being on Tinder and send screenshots of it to your girlfriends but then you realize you're on it too. In this case, you might either find it amusing if he swiped right on you or you quickly swipe left or even weed him out because you find it awkward AF that he's found you on Tinder.

2. The Player

An impressive, witty bio and a profile picture that makes you swoon, you could probably already tell he's going to be your next mistake but you swiped right anyway. This lot will insist that they're here to find "The One". He's good looking, a total smooth talker and showers you with compliments that will flatter you...and his 10 other Tinder matches. He uses cheesy pickup lines like "Do you have a name or can I just call you mine?" which he probably uses the same old phrases with every other girl. Next!

3. The Mystery Man

The idea that every girl loves a guy with a mysterious vibe leads to the "mystery man" lurking in the depths of Tinder. This mysterious guy often selects a profile picture that shows a silhouette of him or a shot of his back as he admires a scenic view. He leaves you wondering, "What is it about him? What does he look like?". He may also resort to using group photos. Any guy who uses a group photo on Tinder is making a lethal mistake and deserves a big fat swipe left. The amount of effort that goes into spotting him in group photos is like playing a game of Where's Waldo?. For those with no photo, let's not even discuss it. Swipe left. Immediately.

4. The Animal Lover

According to research, studies have shown that owning a dog can make men more attractive. Smart move, animal lovers! You've got a plus point. In photos, the animal lovers are always seen playing around with his dog or cuddling kittens. His bio says he's an active volunteer at the animal shelter and he loves his dog like his own child. If he scores a date with you, ask him to bring his dog along. At least you get to meet his utterly cute dog even though the date might suck.

5. The Creep

The creeps are only here for one thing and he's straight-up about what he wants. He skips the chase and the first question he pops in "Sex?". You can easily spot one when he's boasting about his sex life and posting pictures of his crotch. Think twice before giving your personal mobile number. You wouldn't want to be receiving "special" pictures of his tool. Tinder has made sex easy. Swipe left unless a one night stand is your jam. You can also recognize this from the typical "Only in -insert location here- for the weekend" in his bio who's here for a good time in the sack.

6. The Married Man

Aww, there's a picture of him carrying his niece (who happens to have his eyes. You can spot the resemblance)! How adorable. He's like the prospective future boyfriend who's husband material. Swipe right and only to later realize that maybe because he is someone's husband. Don't be surprised when you finally meet him at his place, he apologizes for the toys his said "niece" leaves around or when he carelessly forgot to hide his wedding band.

7. The Fitness Buff

He has a selfie at the gym, flexing his muscled arms and showing off his well-toned sweaty bod. His bio says he loves cycling, going on extreme marathons, outdoorsy adventures and ooh, a picture of him doing push-ups. He gives you a pep talk about the vitamin supplements and protein shakes. Sure, he may be eye-candy but you feel guilty about ordering that XL fries at McDonalds that goes straight to your thighs. You then proceed to cushion the guilt by ordering diet coke instead of regular.

8. The Clinger

He seems like a nice guy to have a good conversation with and you can sense that he genuinely wants to talk to you. After awhile though, you start to get this uneasy and suffocating feeling when he seems a little too pushy about meeting up in person. He starts to ask more personal questions and becomes super clingy and direct. He isn't hesitant about double texting you or even triple texting when you don't reply his messages. In most cases, it can be extremely annoying to match with someone like this. Time to unmatch this guy and move along.

9. The Bathroom Selfie Poser

This guy is self-obsessed when it comes to taking bathroom selfies and he takes selfies better than you do. It might be considered a kind of talent. Sort of. Standing in front of a full-length mirror under good lighting, he takes a full size picture which honestly isn't so bad to look at. He isn't smiling in most of his pictures because he's a serious guy. Smiling in a mirror selfie is pretty weird actually.

10. The Perfect Man a.k.a. The Unicorn

Finally, we found the guy we've been searching for. He's attractive, witty, kind-hearted and has a stable job. Funny thing is, why is he on Tinder? Your guess is as good as ours. Keep swiping, girls. Just like unicorns, the perfect man doesn't exist.

As romance gets swiped from the screen, young adults and teenagers will continue to hustle through the hook-up culture and modern dating. Tinder is just another new age way to connect with wonderful and eccentric people in this world. Everyone is simply looking to meet someone cool and special at the end of the day.