Wedding Dresses and Evening Gowns 101
Posted by LuullaAdmin Friday 30 Jun 2017
With the dizzying array of options when it comes to finding the perfect dress for a very important night or any black tie event, it's as difficult as searching for the love of your life. No one ever said love was easy and that includes your love for dresses. Before you go scouting for your dream dress, it helps to polish up your knowledge on the different styles and dress silhouettes that will work best for your body shape.

Generally, there are 5 body types for women. First, you need to identify which body type do you have. Go on, don't be shy.

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After looking at yourself in the mirror and deciding on your body type, let's take a look at these common dress silhouettes. Different style silhouettes will show off the most flattering areas and minimize attention on the... umm areas that you need to work on.

1) The Empire Line Gown

The empire line gown has a high waistline that sits just below the bust and the rest of the dress flows down to the hem. This silhouette is suitable for all body types but it works best with a pear shaped figure. As pear shaped body types are smaller on the upper half while the lower half buttocks, hips and thighs are comparatively larger, the empire dress silhouette creates an illusion of a fuller bust and therefore, draws attention to your chest while leaving areas like the hips and tummy area undefined.

2) The A-Line Gown

Fitted at the bodice and flares to the ground like the outline of an 'A', the A-line dress works well for those with larger bust like the strawberry, apple and hourglass figure. The A-line draw attention away from the upper body as the dress flows from the bodice into a full skirt that conceals a larger lower body. It can create an illusion of curves on a narrow frame as well. Anyone can look effortlessly good in an A-line dress. This silhouette style is incredibly versatile and simple modifications can easily accentuate your best assets.

3) The Ballgown

The ballgown silhouette features a tight, fitted bodice and has a waistline that leads to a dramatic skirt made fully of tulle or a tulle skirt under an overlay of silk, satin or taffeta. The tulle helps to keep the skirt in its full dramatic shape.The silhouette accentuates a small waist and hides any lower body flaws or heavy bottoms. If you have a large bust, the silhouette will create the hourglass look as the full skirt makes it proportional. However, depending on how dramatic the tulle, the fullness of the skirt may make someone with large bust look big all over. Plus, the size of the skirt may consume anyone who's petite or on the shorter side. So, it's best if you can try on the ball gown for yourself as these "rules" may not fully apply.

4) The Sheath

Any dress with a sheath silhouette features a style that is very closely fitted to the contours of the body from head-to-toe. The sheath silhouette will help the petite ones appear taller but it does not help in hiding problem areas especially if you have a larger lower body. Putting on the dress will also be a struggle if you go for the slip style. It's usually best worn by lean body figures like the banana. To create a more defined waist, tie a sash to create the curvaceous illusion.

5) The Mermaid

The mermaid silhouette fits closely to the body from the chest to the knee, then flares out to the hem. If you're looking for a dress to show off your curves, this is the dress you're looking for! The most important element when it comes to wearing this dress is confidence. You need to be comfortable in your own skin aside from owning a voluptuous figure (or even a flawless one) when you're wearing this dress. It highlights your every curve and it's suitable for both tall and short in height.

6) The Trumpet

If you're looking for a silhouette which is similar to the mermaid but not wanting it to be so close fitted, go for the trumpet style. Resembling the mouth of the trumpet, the silhouette of this dress fits closely to the contour of your body until the mid-hip and then it widens gradually to the hem. The semi-full skirt adds drama to the gown without looking over-exaggerated and voluminous.

The first 6 as mentioned are the basic silhouettes but modern modifications have been made to these dresses which only gives us more choices. You can also consider the high low silhouettes or the tiered layers which I personally think you just gotta love 'em!

7) High Low

If you are attending an event that is meant to be kind of informal or hosting a wedding theme that allows everyone to let loose, you may consider high low dresses. These trendy dresses showcase a hemline that comes to the knees and the gradually becomes longer and spreads toward the back of the dress. It's a fashion forward kind of dress that allows you to show your legs but still lookin' semi formal.

8) Tiered Layer

Not only wedding cakes are tiered these days. Add some drama to your otherwise boring, traditional wedding gown with tiered layers and ruffles. Not as dramatic as the ball gown dresses, it's a more fun and flirty style with its elaborated tiered layers.

The next important detail the we need to consider is the kind of neckline. The dress neckline styles says a lot of about your character and it totally sets the mood of the dress. Whether you prefer a deep plunging V-neck that shows off your bust line, an off-shoulder to bare more skin in a modest way or a stylish one-shoulder asymmetric for a formal events, you have to pick a neckline that you're comfortable with.

No matter which outfit and neckline style you choose, your outfit will not be complete without a smile! So make sure you radiate with happiness as you go. I hope you will find this guide helpful. Explore more evening dress, bridesmaid collection and a whole lot more at Luulla for fashion inspiration.

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