The Jewellery Trend in 2017
Posted by Luulla Admin Wednesday 19 Jul 2017
A wind of fresh innovation has blown through the jewellery designers in 2017. From single statement earrings, strings of pearls, layering, safety pins to religious-inspired pendants and simple gold chains. 2017 is happing up to be the year that jewellery become cool again! And the key of all these trends are it has to be minimal, sleek and make a serious statement.

1. Single Statement Earrings
Long, graphic, hoops or ear-cuffs, the only way to wear earrings right now is on their own. The single earring was one of the biggest and hottest trends of the season. Not only they emerge on New York runways but also in London and Paris!

Similar Styles:
Incorporating two different sizes of hoops and one bar intersects between both just make this pair of beaut minimal yet extraordinary. Perfect to spice up your everyday look without looking you're trying hard.
$ 6.64 USD

The dangling effect with a big hoop finish on the end of the long bar definitely amps up any of your outfit instantly.
$ 6.64 USD

2. Raw Stones
This year, raw stones are one of the biggest elements in jewellery line. You will discover radically different stones appeared as earrings which provide an anchoring detail to strengthen the impact of clothing.

Similar Styles:

Add a splash of luxe to any of your outfit with this sophisticated raw purple gemstone rounded necklace.
$ 26.00 USD

Luxe is all yours when you polish your outfit with this exquisite raw purple gemstone triangle necklace.
$26.00 USD

3. Safety Pins
Fastened together to make a necklace or worn as statement earrings, safety pins were a bold marker of counter-culture influences at the collections.

Credits: LOEIL

Similar Styles:

Add a splash of edge to your go to outfit with this safety pin bangle.
$16.00 USD

Your everyday go to outfit is nothing but boring when you jazz them up with this eye-catching safety pin bracelet.
$15.50 USD

Exude your fun and one of a kind personality with this beautiful safety pin chain necklace.
$ 33.00 USD

4. Pearls
The pearl has been emerging from the cocoon of its rather said and traditional image for the past few seasons, revisited as ear cuffs and chokers by a new generation of inspired young jewelry designers. However, this season sees a return to its Parisian roots, albeit with a vintage twist, as if it's been borrowed and paired with military jackets, denim patches, and the sports sweaters.

Similar Styles:

What's better than having two on-trend deets on one single pair of earrings. This beaut not only feature pearls but also in the safety pin design. Giving you the edgy yet sophisticated accent.
$ 6.64 USD

If you're new in channeling pearls, this minimal ring is sure to make your look on-trend without being overwhelm.
$6.64 USD

If you're down for geometrics yet wanted a touch of pearls, opt for this elegant and sophisticated long earrings which feature hoop and pearls.
$ 22.00 USD

5. Talisman inspired jewellery
Lucky charms and protective symbols were layered with keys and fetish objects for a live now, die later attitude that smacked of bohemianism.

Similar Styles:

Channel the talisman vibe which befits your free spirit personality with this heavenly gorgeous sun and moon rhinestone embellished long earrings.

$17.50 USD

Fulfil your witch dream with this enticing pair of talisman inspired sun, moon and star gem stone embellished statement earrings.
$ 12.00 USD

Layering is also one of the keys this season, and this layered necklace which features the talisman vibe, sun, star and moon symbols are literally the best of both worlds!
$ 5.69 USD