10 Bedtime Habits for Flawless Skin
Posted by Luulla Admin Thursday 3 Aug 2017
What's better than waking up, look in the mirror and see a glowing completion staring back at us? I bet every girl will do anything and everything to wake up for a better skin.

But, regardless how many hours of beauty sleep you manage to squeeze into one night, it seems like there's no impact on your skin. Truth is, women that have flawless skin aren't necessarily getting any more sleep than you, they simply have bedtime rituals that put them in a rested mindset which results in a better quality sleep and improves the elasticity and radiance of the skin.

So, what does this actually means? Instead of hitting the bed straightway, women with flawless skin will take a few minutes just for their skin. In short, the way we prep for bedtime can have huge impact on the skin. And today, I've put together the top ten bedtime habits women with flawless skin swear by!

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1. Use A Silk Pillowcase

Never underestimate the power of a pillowcase. If you're looking to get better skin overnight, a silk pillowcase will make wonders! Silk pillowcase helps in protecting and hydrating the skin. Besides, it also reduces salt ends and keeps frizz at bay.

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2. ALWAYS Remove Makeup Before Bed!

No matter how exhausted you're, NEVER go to the bed with a face full of makeup! Trust me, the extra five minutes for removing your makeup can work wonders. Leaving on makeup overnight will clog your pores, and prevent your skin from renewing when you sleep. With a jar of cotton balls or pads and one makeup remover on your bathroom countertop, you won't forget this ritual anymore.

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3. Exfoliate your skin

Nothing beats the touch of a baby's skin. And one way to achieve that is to exfoliate after removing your makeup. Trust me, you won't be able to keep your hands off your skin. A small dab of exfoliating creme and a gentle rub will leave your skin feeling utterly refreshing and smooth. Exfoliating also helps in removing the natural oils, dirt and any dead skin cells that collected during the day.

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4. Time for A Spa Session

Pretend that you're indulging yourself at the spa by applying a face mask. Face mask not only helps you in removing excess oils but also purifies your face. Aside from these, when a face mask drys and tightens the skin, it helps with blood circulation, resulting in a bright and smooth skin tone when you wake.

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5. Read A Book

I know all of us, the social media freaks tend to scroll our phones before bed. Instead of picking up your phone, why not read yourself some bedtime story? Always keep an interesting book on your nightstand. Reading a chapter or even few pages will distract you from any thoughts that might be keeping yours from sweet dreams. This will help to reduce the production of cortisol, which can lead to skin outbreaks. Plus, reading is tiring. Hence, your eyes will quickly shut and fall asleep quicker which results in giving your skin some extra rest and minimise dark circles.

6. Always Tie Your Hair

The easiest way to keep your skin healthy is always tie your hair back while you're heading to bed. This is because if you leave your hair down, the oil and dirt from your hair will collect on your face and pillow, increasing the likelihood of breakouts.

You can easily avoid this by using hair accessories to keep your locks away from your face.

7. Keep It Steamy

Running a humidifier on a warm mist while you sleep will keep your skin hydrated and soothed. The humidity hydrates your pores and helps to eliminate dry, cracked, or itchy skin. With humidifiers, say goodbye to chapped skin!

8. Apply Eye Cream

I use to think eye cream is not important but to stay youthful, your eyes play a vital part. Hence, keep the sensitive skin around your eyes moisturised throughout the night with eye cream. Besides, the night cream also helps in reducing wrinkles, blemishes, dry skin, and puffiness. All you need is a small dab below the eyes, and see how the eye cream makes wonders over night.

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9. Prep Your Face With Toner

I wish I could stress harder, toner is extremely important when comes to skin care. Always remember to apply a facial toner after washing your face. Not only it is a great way to rid your skin of any extra oil, dirt, or makeup. With a few drops of these facial toners on a cotton pad, you can say goodbye to breakouts and acne.

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10. They Find Their Zen

Take a moment to do a few yoga such as downward dogs or even meditation will help you to wind down from a long day. Yoga increases blood circulation to the head and face, stretches and strengthens your skin, and reduces stress. Besides, by bringing oxygen to the skin, yoga reduces acne and pimples, and brighten your complexion.