How to Work Your Button-Down Shirt
Posted by Luulla Admin Tuesday 26 Sep 2017
I bet everyone owns at least one button-down shirt as they are literally the basics that instantly make you look put together and polished! Not to mention, you could literally cruise from work to play and anything in between, looking oh-so chic. However, besides teaming them with a pair of jeans, there are plenty of not-so basic ways to wear them. Hence, today I have curated some ways you could stand out from the crowd and show off your personality with a quirky touch!

Read on to find out more, babe.

1. Vest + Button-Down Shirt
You will instantly look polish and classy the moment you layer a vest over your button down shirt. Not to mention, this combination also makes it appropriate for work.

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2. Button-down Shirt + Denim Shorts + Sandals
Dress your button down shirt with a pair of distressing denim shorts. For that vacay look, team it with a pair of brown lace-up sandals, and a belt to cinch the waist.

3. Button-down Shirt Under a Sleeveless Dress
You can instantly make a strapless dress daytime, even for workplace. All you need is layering a button-down shirt underneath.

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4. Button-down Shirt Under Patterned Dress
Give your patterned dress a new look by wearing it over your button-down shirt! Not to mention, this combo also allows you to cruise into any occasion and season effortlessly.

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5. Button-down Shirt Under A Sweater
Layering is the best way to elevate your look and make it more original. And you can never go wrong in wearing a button-down shirt underneath your sweater.

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Button-down Shirt With All Leather Everything
Add an edgy accent to your look instantly when you team your button down shirt with everything in leather!

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