10 DIY Home Decor Ideas To Set The Christmas Mood Up
Posted by Shu Wen Friday 8 Dec 2017
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way (*the song goes on as background music in my head). Oh hey! Christmas is finally here this season and are you ready for it? The Christmas vibe has to be there and it will only be complete with some decorations at home even a little tiny Christmas tree sets up the festive mood indirectly, agree?

So let's gets our excitement and hands-on to make this coming Christmas special! Check out the list of curated simple DIY decor ideas, so simple and yet they make magical wonders!

1. Oversized Snowflakes

Snowflakes are known to be unique with its no-two alike characteristics just like YOU! Swap your wall portraits with these oversized snowflakes on your walls and bam, Christmas mood on! It is so simple with only 3 materials needed, basically popsicle sticks, spray paint and a hot glue gun. Most importantly, it is a budget-friendly decor!

2. Glitter Unicorn Ornaments

Don't ask me how unicorn has got to do with Christmas just like how Gingerbread man is. All I think is, why not? Haha, these colourful unicorns are perfect cute ornaments on the Christmas trees or even at any corner of your house. A shoutout to all unicorn lovers out there, this is the time to make it a hit!

3. Christmas Tree with Sweet Memories

As you search for Christmas tree DIY ideas on Pinterest, I bet there are lots of cool contemporary Christmas trees ideas that just makes you wanna try it rather than setting the traditional ones up. But, this idea caught my eye as I stumble upon this post.

I'm not sure about you, but I totally cherish memories that are scripted on tangible cards or printed as photographs.

A picture paints a thousand words, I agree but Picture and Words paint a thousand memories to me.

If you agree with me, try a new Christmas tree design using washi tape with pictures and cards hanging around.

4. Modern Space-Saving DIY Christmas Tree

Wanted a Christmas tree so badly because what is Christmas without the tree? Or it just takes too much of your home space and you just decided to forget about it? DO not go for the latter!

Try this modern space-saving Christmas tree because all you need is fairy lights, a star, pom poms, strings and a black masking tape. If your home is more of a minimalist or modern design, try this and it will definitely blend in well.

5. JOY Letters Wall Deco

Source: Rosycription

Spread some joy this ho-ho season by having them on one of your house walls or pillars. These giant letterings are simple to make and yet gives off the Christmas vibe effortlessly.

I would suggest you try this one if you are out of time or just want something up for the sake of Christmas. These giant letterings are perfect as its giant size is big enough to fill up the empty space so there is no need for any extra decors or ornaments unless if you want to.

6. Colourful Pom Pom Wreath

Do you love pom poms? Tell me you do!

If you don't, you'll definitely will after making this one! Wreath is often made with flowers and greenery, but you just want it to last a little longer. And that's how pom poms can achieve that! Very colourful and it just brightens up that very part of the space or even the atmosphere!

7. Christmas Tree Stairs

Do not miss out the stairs for decor! Often times we thought there isn't anything much we can do with the stairs. But nope, try this! I love this idea of having a Christmas cutout wallpapers on the stairs which gives a creative dimensional look. It also makes the stairs a new fresh look, and not boring!

8. Snowman Christmas Candles

Candles lights up the atmosphere perfectly well and can be a great decoration as well. Most of the candle designs are made in rustic design with wood and leafs. But, you can also add a playful hint to it by transforming it into adorable snowman candles!

Plus, it can be a great idea as a Christmas gift!

9. Fairy Lights Magic

There is no way we can run away with fairy lights for Christmas deco. There is just something magical about fairy lights that capture one's heart and give a glimpse of how wonderland should be.

Instead of having them on Christmas tree alone, try hanging them in the hallway and you will see the magical transformation!

Extra note: Get the warm lights instead of those colourful ones.

10. Draw em on Your Windows

Windows are also a great place for decor as well. Try this simple deco which only requires you to be creative and draw on the windows using a white marker. No complicated graphic design, just simple ones like snowflakes and ball ornament.

So try these awesome DIY ideas and how it would turn out! Try looking for any potential places you can decorate and have a blessed Christmas!

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