Infant Baby Bottle Blue or Red Night Light-Lamp Boy Girl LED-Nursery Shower Gift

Infant Baby Bottle Blue or Red Nigh..

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~Bodacious Bottles~

This auction is for ONE red or blue nightlight, when checking out please leave me a note for which one you are ordering.

This is a new item, it is adorable and totally unique with a diamond like coating on the interior. It's a classic 4oz. glass evenflow baby bottle with a 3 bulb LED light source mounted through a hole drilled in the bottom of the bottle(uses less than 1 watt of power) .

~All my bottles have a diamond like sparkle that does not show up in the photos, please check this youtube video (copy/paste), not great quality but shows some of the sparkle:

~ This is no ordinary bottle lamp! All of my lamps are made using a painstaking, time consuming process that has tiny "diamond like" glass crystals applied to the inside surface of the bottle and uses wide angle LED technology (to spread light throughout the inside of the bottle without using "string lights").

~ The LED light produces almost no heat, has over a 100,000 hour life span and uses less than 1 watt of power (sixty of these lamps use less power than one 60 watt bulb).

~ This lamp will cost pennies a year to operate and if left on 24/7 will last over 11 years.

~ Wood base is permanently bonded to the bottle with epoxy and has a textured finish that compliments the label. The bottle is the 8 oz. size and stands 9.5 inches tall.

~ I have worked with studio lighting for many years, and have used that experience to

create the unique effect with this light. People will notice this, I promise you-

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